Can you introduce yourself, please?

My name is Julie Fairclough. Some people are curious about my origins, so I let me begin by telling you a bit about that. I was born in Canada, to a Canadian father and a Mexican mother. On my father’s side, my grandmother is Jamaican and my grandfather is English. I did most of my studies in Mexico City, where I studied Journalism and Communication Sciences. Besides the United States, where my father now has his practice, I lived in Amsterdam, where I studied script writing, and then Madrid, before coming to Brussels seven years ago.

My hobbies, like everyone’s else’s, are reading, travelling, exploring. However, sport has been a big part of my life, so much so that I decided to take it up professionally 12 years ago, working in my field and giving classes as well. I loved my work but this new occupation too. Finally, coming to Brussels gave me the opportunity to give into a 100% experience with it.

How did you spend the end of the year?

My end of the year was very exciting. I loved the warm and serene attitude of the people. The frantic joy of Christmas shopping gave the city a merry feeling. Walking through the streets I got the smell of Christmas on the markets, in the restaurants, all over the place. That gave me a seasonal dose of nostalgia, but I enjoyed every single day. I spent Christmas with my husband’s family and my sister, who came from Holland to Brussels. We were 20 people wining and dining, laughing and in short celebrating Christmas. After this, we traveled to Austria to see my dear friends in Vienna. The city was crispy with all the snow and frost, a bit ghostly and romantic at the same time. And of course we didn’t miss the chance to slide down a few slopes on our skies.

How did you know WorldClass?

My husband actually told me about the club in Diegem.

What brought you to work with WorldClass?

Right when I came to Brussels I decided that I didn’t want to start working in the same field as before. With two small children growing up, my husband and I just couldn’t be travelling as much as before. In Madrid I had been working for a radio broadcasting station and giving classes on the side, which I enjoyed enormously. So I approached WorldClass in Diegem, and they took me on for Cycling and Core. Later on I gave Power Yoga and Zumba classes. I’ve been part of WorldClass ever since, and happy to be here. What I like most about WorldClass is the staff. All my colleagues have become friends, and that makes the environment in the club engaging and cordial. I get a lot of support as well, with training and classes. I feel very fortunate to belong to WorldClass.

Do you have any advice for our members?

Doing sports is a gift to the body. Keep on training, and your body will thank you for it.