The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IRSA) is the trade association serving the health and fitness club industry. Each year they organize the IHRSA Convention and Trade Show, which took place this year in Las Vegas.

Of course, our WorldClass team was there to see and learn about the latest trends and developments in the fitness industry.

For four days, IHRSA 2013 offered seminars every two hours in 15 different (American-sized) meeting rooms with the fitness world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Many of the seminars we listened to were given by successful fitness club owners, who spoke about what they offer their clients and how they run their operations. We msutn’t forget that the USA is the biggest and most advanced country in the world in this field.

One of the many things that I would like to share is just how fast group personal training is growing: it is now even more successful than the one-to-one personal training.

This new form is all about a small group of four to ten people who are guided by a personal trainer for eight to ten weeks to improve their health and fitness. There are as many specific concepts as there are trainers, but working in a small group inevitably builds team spirit and creates a lot of fun. Together you reach a new level of fitness.

We will develop this approach further here at WorldClass, so please join us!

The trade show also showed us that the fitness world is moving more and more towards functional training. This is something we’ve been increasing but will naturally emphasize even more in future. We laso discovered a number of innovative class concepts, such as workout with kettlebells soon to come to WorldClass as well.

Four days of great learning experiences and exciting training concepts, the best of which will soon be coming to our club!