Member at WorldClass since 1998
Facility & Hospitality Manager at Tour & Taxis

Can you introduce yourself?

I originally came to Brussels to work for the hotel chain Thon Hotels, where I worked for more than 10 years. I have now lived 18 years in Belgium. That’s a long time, but I still enjoy Belgian hospitality and the work and living conditions a lot. I also lived in Spain in the past and still go back at least once a month, so I am still able to continue my friendships in Alicante. However, Brussels has become my primary residence. I have lived now for over 8 years in the European District. From there, the connection is easy to go to work at Tour&Taxis. There I am the manager responsible for operations and facilities. When I am not working, I enjoy going to the gym, the movies or just out for a drink with friends. My main hobby, however, is travelling. So I try to visit at least two new countries every year. This year I have been to Israel, Dubai and Azerbaijan.

How long have you been a member at WorldClass?

I have been at WorldClass since the beginning. Which I think was in 1998. I have got to know the owners and staff very well personally, as I was the manager of the buildings in which WorldClass is established.

Why are you coming to WorldClass instead of another gym?

WorldClass is close to where I live, so there’s no excuse for not going. I am 100 meters from the gym and that makes it easy to go at least 5 times a week. It brings structure in my life. LOL. Besides work and home, it is my third ‘space’. Plus my longest relationship in life is there. My PT Cristian.

What are the positive points in WorldClass?

Your principal positive point is the staff. You guys are all friendly, greet us and know us personally. I think I have never experienced this in another gym. Secondly, of course you offer all the facilities one needs, and thirdly you are so close to where I live. Perhaps some social events would be nice too. Like meeting people in normal outfits with a glass of wine in hand, instead of always seeing them in their sportswear with a bottle of water (or protein shakes).

What do you do most (Cardio, Weights, Pool, Personal Training) ?

I like swimming, but only in the sea; otherwise I do all these activities.

What do you get from your Personal Training?

PT sessions bring me quite a lot. Besides the good contacts I have with Cristian, he pushes me into doing more than what I would do by myself. He always corrects my position, so the workout is more effective. And he shows me new exercises, which I can repeat myself afterwards. It is definitely worth taking at least one session a week. As well, it is and obligation to come for people who are more likely to skip their visits to the gym.